Cradock church

Cradock: Life in a Small Town

Swapping Johannesburg for Cradock was one of the best moves we ever made. Here are some of the reasons why.

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Giant Earthworms

Giant Earthworms of the Karoo

Startled motorists sometimes spot giant earthworms crossing Karoo roads after heavy rains.

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Steel Flowers – Windpumps of the Karoo

Celebrating the iconic windpumps of the South African Karoo veld.

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Calitzdorp, Western Cape

The sweet port wines and brandies are what lure thousands of visitors to Calitzdorp each holiday season.

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Karroo Theatrical Hotel, Steytlerville

The Karroo Theatrical Hotel is outrageous, daring and colourful.

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Walk with the Animals – Guy Liebermann

Going for a Karoo farm stroll can be a strange and wondrous experience.

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Zen Karoo

Zen Master of the Karoo

Take a Zen master, a writer and a lawyer. Add a graceful woman with true soul. Drop them onto a Karoo farm. Welcome to the world of Antony and Margie Osler.

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Karoo Blacksmith Striking Metal

They say a good anvil sings in a busy smithy. And so it is with Kashief Booley, a true Karoo Blacksmith.

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Trekbokke of the Karoo

The legends of the springbok migrations.

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Karoo tigers

Tigers in the Karoo

In Asia, the tiger numbers in the wild are tumbling fast. In one little corner of the Karoo, though, they are thriving….

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