Black eagle

Birding in the Karoo

The semi-arid scrubland of the Karoo has some fascinating endemic or near-endemic bird species.The region’s open landscapes offer great birding for beginners and specialists. By Alan Collett

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Karoo Space: Your Navigator’s Guide

Finding your way around Karoo Space.

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The Making of Karoo Keepsakes II

The second-best office on Earth!

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Karoo fracking

Fracking in the Karoo – Update July 2013

The current state of play in the quest to explore for shale gas under the Karoo.

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Agri Eastern Cape

Fracking Court Action Threatened

Agri Eastern Cape has threatened court action if the Government tries to speed up the process for possible shale gas fracking in the province.

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The Fun of a Farmstay

Why are travelling families opting for farm holidays – in the Karoo and abroad?

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The Magic of a Karoo Farmstay

Why time spent on a Karoo farm is the best holiday around.

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Karoo wellness

Peace in the Desert

The Karoo’s clean air heals the body and its space unfolds mind and spirit in unexpected ways.

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Karoo Farm Cricket – Alameen Templeton

A poetic stance on Karoo farm cricket.

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Karoo food

Fifteen Feasts in the Karoo

Discover the authentic food and eating experiences in the Karoo. Go on a foodie safari and find its artisanal cheeses, goat salamis and new crops like pecans and pomegranates.

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