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Philipstown’s Wire Car Grand Prix

The Wire Car Grand Prix in Philipstown, Northern Cape.

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Fly Fishing in the Karoo

Fly fishing with Alan Hobson of Somerset East.

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Kindness at Cradock’s Animal Shelter

Karoo people are known for hospitality and compassion. It shines through at the Cradock Animal Shelter.

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The Future of Shale Gas in South Africa

The ANC is dead keen on fracking for gas in the Karoo. But Saliem Fakir doubts the US shale boom is replicable in South Africa.

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Prof Tim Noakes and a Healthy Karoo

Professor Tim Noakes will be the keynote speaker at the second sitting of the Karoo Parliament in Cradock on 6 November 2014

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Walks with German Shepherds in the Karoo

TwoPack of Cradock, Karoo, tells his morning story.

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