The Great Karoo Book Safari

Looking for a Karoo book? Here’s where to go…

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carnarvon, northern cape

Windmills of the Karoo & Kalahari

Why do we love windmills so very much? Especially when we find them in the Karoo or Kalahari?

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Karoo Cook – Kudu Cuisine

In praise of kudu and springbok on a typical Karoo menu.

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Karoo Food Festival, Cradock

Cradock’s Karoo Food Festival 2015

In March 2015, Cradock celebrated its third Karoo Food Festival with characteristic warm-hearted hospitality and great cooking.

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Karoo and Shepherd's Tree

The End of Karoo Fracking?

Shell has just pulled back from Karoo shale gas. Why on earth would a multinational oil and gas company do that? Dr Stefan Cramer has a theory.

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Blue cranes, Karoo

Karoo Blue Crane Poison Update

A large number of Blue Cranes were apparently deliberate poisoned close to Richmond in the Northern Cape Karoo in 2012. This is the March 2015 update.

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Karoo veld for sale

Karoo on Show in Pretoria

Educator, artist and social motivator Katie du Toit curates a special exhibition on the Karoo at the Pretoria Art Museum.

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