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Anti-fracking Party in Nieu-Bethesda

The Eastern Cape Karoo village of Nieu-Bethesda knows how to put the fun into fracktivism.

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Jonathan Deal

Jonathan Deal – Karoo Anti-Fracking Leader

Jonathan Deal and the anti-fracking group he started, Treasure the Karoo Action Group, are famous. But where did Jonathan start? What drives him and what has he sacrificed?

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Black eagle

Birding in the Karoo

The semi-arid scrubland of the Karoo has some fascinating endemic or near-endemic bird species.The region’s open landscapes offer great birding for beginners and specialists. By Alan Collett

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Baboons and Sheep

Calling all farmers! Are baboons in the Karoo showing an unhealthy interest in sheep? Can anyone help interpret these strange images?

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Fracking: Groundwater Threats to Karoo Towns

Fracking threatens Karoo towns and hundreds of thousands of residents who rely on underground aquifers for drinking water.

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Fracking Control Proposal from Water Affairs

Edna Molewa, South Africa’s Minister of Water Affairs, intends declaring fracking a ‘controlled activity’.

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Frack pad

Karoo Fracking Update – August 2013

The South African Government believes shale gas exploration might frack it out of the current economic downturn, but does not take any timescale into account.

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Karoo, donkey cart

Karoo – The Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the liveliest desert in the world in the world, hosting a million people, seven million sheep and a startling number of plant species.

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Fracking Karoo

Lowdown on Fracking in the Karoo

This is the Idiot’s Guide to Fracking for Shale Gas in the Karoo.

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Karoo food

Memories of a Cradock Kitchen

Ray Hattingh has fond childhood memories of the fabulous food, warmth and life in his grandmother’s Cradock kitchen.

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