Classic Karoo

The history, heritage and legends of the Old Karoo.
boomplaats (2)

Karoo Conflicts – The Battle of Boomplaats

Karoo Quiz Anwer – the site of the Battle of Boomplaats.

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pagel 1

Pagel House, Aberdeen, Karoo Heartland

Pagel House, Aberdeen, Karoo, South Africa

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Karoo kitchen

Karoo Kitchens and Peach Pip Floors

A century ago, people in the Karoo had elegant little devices to peel peaches, grind coffee and sieve their flour. And weren’t those peach pip floors something?

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car 3

An Old Karoo Car Legend

Every old Karoo car has its own story.

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Graveyard of the Steam Giants

Steam trains over the Karoo, and memories of De Aar. By Jenny Hobbs.

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Bridge Guard in the Karroo – Rudyard Kipling

Illustrated version of Kipling’s famous Bridge Guard in the Karroo poem.

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Bethulie’s Amazing Book Hotel

South Africa’s one-and-only Book Hotel.

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rachel en trompie (2)

The Girl on the ‘Bank Note’

The tragic Afrikaner folk tale of Racheltjie de Beer.

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Karoo, flat-topped mountains

Layer-Cake Karoo

The unique geology and flat-topped mountains of the Karoo have their origin in ancient inland seas, giant mountains and fiery lava.

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Karoo Graves: Here Lies Harry Potter

Harry Potter lies buried in a graveyard in Cradock.

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