Blue Sky Karoo – Julienne Du Toit

Jan-Willem Eggink

Shell Spinning its Wheels

Shell held a public meeting in Cradock on Monday 8 June 2015, but no one could quite figure out why.

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Popular Fracking Opposition in the Karoo

Back in 2011, resistance to fracking and shale gas exploration came mostly from white landowners. But things have changed in the Karoo.

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Snow Patrol Through the Eastern Karoo

The snows were late to the Eastern side of the Karoo this year. No matter. They brought fun to humans and clothed the mountains in haughty grandeur.

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Driving Through Daisies

Every year, in spring, the Namaqualand desert blooms into billions of daisies. Here’s a how to take in this staggering beauty.

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True Confessions of a Failed Jackal Hunter

How Hilton Hamann tried hunting jackals but got permission to keep a mistress instead.

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Fracking vs Farming in the Karoo

All this fuss about fracking in the Karoo, yet farming completely outclasses it in proven jobs, food security, and wealth distribution.

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Mokala National Park – March Hares and Camelthorns

Mokala National Park near Kimberley is South Africa’s newest national park, combining the allure of Karoo and Kalahari ecosystems.

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Are the Frackers Fracked?

Oil and gas exploration in South Africa was knocked sideways by the South African Government in 2014. How does this affect Karoo fracking proposals?

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Cradock Turns 200 – In Style!

The little river town in the Karoo celebrates its 200th birthday.

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A Dog, a Child, and a Small Karoo Town

Sometimes, when living in a small town like Cradock, one is witness to simple yet great acts of kindness that are less noticeable in big cities.

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