Karoo Life

Life in the Land of Inspiration. What Karoo people do – and how they do it.

Emmie the Aga Lady

In most Karoo farmhouses, there is generally an Aga stove or an Esse lurking in the kitchen, quietly exuding welcome heat in winter. But sometimes things go wrong…

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somer 3

Legends of Somerset East

Somerset East is pure history, in the form of heroes, warriors, rogues and vagabonds going back to the early settler days.

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Heritage roses

Bedford’s Green Thumb

On the edge of the Eastern Karoo, snuggled up against a thickly wooded range of low mountains, is Bedford, a town with a great green heart.

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bikers 2

The Zen of Karoo Motorcycling

A motorcycle, an open Karoo road and an endless horizon…

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Water Stories of the Drylands

In the Kalahari and Karoo, water is treated with a reverence not found in moister climates. Here you will hear of the Watersnake, a creature that rules the watercourses.

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ellis 3

Bicycle Heaven in Beaufort West

A fine old bike shop in the Great Karoo.

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move 1

Moving to a Small South African Town

The big decision: to leave the city and move to a small town in the country.

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Karretjiemense of the Great Karoo

The ‘invisible’ karretjiemense of the Great Karoo – descendants of the earliest South Africans.

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Karoo backroad

Zen Dust

A heart-warming extract from Antony Osler’s latest book, Zen Dust.

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Corbelled house

Rose Willis, Legendary Karoo Storyteller

Rose’s Round-up is a popular newsletter written by one who knows and loves the Karoo.

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