Karoo News

All the Karoo news that’s fit to post – events and gatherings in the Heartland.

Khumba the Movie set in the Great Karoo

The Great Karoo stars in Khumba, a locally-produced animated movie.

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rich 3

Karoo Keepsakes II a Winner in Richmond

Karoo Keepsakes and Zen Dust – both hits at the Richmond Bookfest.

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Philipstown Comes Alive

Philipstown in the Northern Cape just had a huge week. In three days it became the quilting capital of South Africa, the 2013 venue of the Karoo Parliament and the wire car championships of the Karoo.

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Karoo Keepsakes II: Rock ‘n Roll Across the Northern Cape!

Preview to our upcoming road trip – the launch of Karoo Keepsakes II across the Northern Cape.

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Fracking: Groundwater Threats to Karoo Towns

Fracking threatens Karoo towns and hundreds of thousands of residents who rely on underground aquifers for drinking water.

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Karoo Keepsakes II: The Graaff-Reinet Launch!

You’re invited to the Graaff-Reinet launch of Karoo Keepsakes II.

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Fracking Control Proposal from Water Affairs

Edna Molewa, South Africa’s Minister of Water Affairs, intends declaring fracking a ‘controlled activity’.

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Frack pad

Karoo Fracking Update – August 2013

The South African Government believes shale gas exploration might frack it out of the current economic downturn, but does not take any timescale into account.

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Karoo fracking

Fracking in the Karoo – Update July 2013

The current state of play in the quest to explore for shale gas under the Karoo.

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Agri Eastern Cape

Fracking Court Action Threatened

Agri Eastern Cape has threatened court action if the Government tries to speed up the process for possible shale gas fracking in the province.

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