Karoo People

The characters – wonderful, crazy and colourful – who live between a wind pump and the blue horizon.
fish 10

Fly Fishing in the Karoo

Fly fishing with Alan Hobson of Somerset East.

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Emmie the Aga Lady

In most Karoo farmhouses, there is generally an Aga stove or an Esse lurking in the kitchen, quietly exuding welcome heat in winter. But sometimes things go wrong…

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soph 1

Sophie’s Choice, Willowmore

One of Willowmore’s most endearing characters – the owner of Sophie’s Choice.

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Jonathan Deal

Jonathan Deal – Karoo Anti-Fracking Leader

Jonathan Deal and the anti-fracking group he started, Treasure the Karoo Action Group, are famous. But where did Jonathan start? What drives him and what has he sacrificed?

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course 1

Cradock: Like London – But Different

The Cradock golf course is just like Hyde Park in London – through the winter lens.

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