Wild Karoo

Exploring the natural assets of the Karoo.

Khumba the Movie set in the Great Karoo

The Great Karoo stars in Khumba, a locally-produced animated movie.

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muthi 1

The Bushman Poison Bulb: Doorway to the Hereafter

The Khoi and Bushmen (San) believe this bulb to be the link between the living and the dead.

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Black eagle

Birding in the Karoo

The semi-arid scrubland of the Karoo has some fascinating endemic or near-endemic bird species.The region’s open landscapes offer great birding for beginners and specialists. By Alan Collett

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Baboons and Sheep

Calling all farmers! Are baboons in the Karoo showing an unhealthy interest in sheep? Can anyone help interpret these strange images?

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Karoo Ostriches: Fluffy yet Formidable

The giant flightless ostrich of South Africa had a profound effect on the Karoo over centuries.

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Interlude with a Leguaan

Meeting up with a monitor lizard on a Karoo farm.

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Karoo, flat-topped mountains

Layer-Cake Karoo

The unique geology and flat-topped mountains of the Karoo have their origin in ancient inland seas, giant mountains and fiery lava.

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Prickly pear

A Prickly Customer

From the 1880s right up to the mid-1930s, debate raged over what to do about the Karoo’s prickly pear invasion. The cochineal beetle and cactoblastis moth borer dealt it a killer blow. These days it’s quite respectable.

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