Legendary Karoo Field Hospital Celebrated

Deelfontein cemetery is nearly all that remains of the legendary Imperial Yeomanry Hospital in the Karoo,

Yeomen of the Karoo, authored by Rose Willis, Arnold van Dyk and JC “Kay” de Villiers, is an awesome achievement, and a must-have for anyone interested in the human interest side of the bitter Anglo-Boer (South African) War.

Yeomen is all about a massive field hospital set up by a small group of British high society ladies at a railway siding between Richmond and De Aar called Deelfontein.

Rose Willis, an old friend of Karoo Space, is recognised as the most popular cultural history scribe in the region. Van Dyk and De Villiers, her co-authors, bring both medical expertise and historical knowledge of the war to the projec

  • Yeomen is available from Firefly Publications: Email: palberts@telkomsa.net or you can contact Rose Willis directly at 082 926 0474.

5 thoughts on “Legendary Karoo Field Hospital Celebrated

  1. Sarah Welham says:

    What will this book sell for? I have to get a copy. Ray and I have visited the site of the hospital on a couple of occasions on our way home from Boekbedonnerd.

    • Julienne du Toit says:

      Hi Sarah – Thanks for pointing this out. Please also try Rose Willis’ email: rosewillis705@gmail – Thanks, Chris

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