Marathon Man of Cradock

Marathon runner Lucky Adams and his son Xavier.

Lucky Adams (pictured here with his son Xavier) carries the people and the incidental history of Cradock in his head.

He can tell you who lived where, who married whom, how many children they had, and where they find themselves these days.

Lucky remembers when the first 1000th car was registered in the town, where the municipal dip tanks were and where one sourced the best wire for the crafting of draadkarretjies en windpompe – wire cars and windpumps.

Lucky runs a private delivery service on his bicycle, which he often leaves unattended on the street as he enters a building to hand over a letter.

“I’ll know who stole it – I’ll just go to that person’s house and get it back.”

His clients receive a handwritten ‘Lucky Card’ every Christmas, wittily summing up the craziness of the year just past.

Lucky Adams is also Cradock’s Marathon Man. By 2015 he had completed 19 gruelling Comrades Marathons, 17 Two Oceans Marathons and more than 30 local marathons.

As a youngster, he built his strength and stamina running up and down the seilklippe, the smooth, rounded stones of the local hills that children have used as slides for more than two centuries.

An excerpt from Road Tripper Eastern Cape Karoo by Chris Marais & Julienne du Toit. Available from the authors in PRINT and in E-BOOK formats.

Road Tripper Eastern Cape Karoo
Road Tripper Eastern Cape Karoo

Update: Lucky Adams is about to enter and run his 21st Comrades Marathon, which takes place at the beginning of June. He needs your help to make the trip to KZN. Any amount will be gratefully accepted. Contact him at: 073 389 9318 – and support a Karoo legend!

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