bikers 2

The Zen of Karoo Motorcycling

A motorcycle, an open Karoo road and an endless horizon…

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Cradock, Eastern Cape

The Karoo Midlands centre of Cradock lies on the Great Fish River and is the meeting place for farmers, travellers, river riders and urbanites who have come to love life in a small town.

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Hofmeyr, Eastern Cape

Hofmeyr has one of the best farm stalls in the Eastern Cape.

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An Anglican Karoo Christmas

Carols, Christmas and Herald Angels in the Karoo.

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Farewell, Piet Prok

A short dedication to one of Cradock’s most colourful residents, the late Piet ‘Prok’ Coetzee.

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Painting up a Storm in the Karoo

Painting houses and farms in the Karoo – that’s where you’ll find Rudolph Clench these days.

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Karoo Journey: Broekie Lace Back Roads

A back-roads Karoo journey from Cape Town to Cradock.

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Karoo food

Memories of a Cradock Kitchen

Ray Hattingh has fond childhood memories of the fabulous food, warmth and life in his grandmother’s Cradock kitchen.

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The Magic of a Karoo Farmstay

Why time spent on a Karoo farm is the best holiday around.

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Karoo farming

Predator Wars: Lynx vs Jackal

A Karoo sheep farmer may have stumbled across a revolutionary way of keeping his sheep more or less safe from jackals – by using caracals.

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