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Karoo by Numbers

The Karoo’s vital statistics, in a nutshell.

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Jeanie le Roux of Treasure Karoo Action Group

Ground Zero for Karoo Fracking?

The Karoo needs baseline testing of its groundwater before shale gas exploration and fracking begins. The first official sample has just been taken…

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Fracking: Groundwater Threats to Karoo Towns

Fracking threatens Karoo towns and hundreds of thousands of residents who rely on underground aquifers for drinking water.

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Karoo, donkey cart

Karoo – The Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the liveliest desert in the world in the world, hosting a million people, seven million sheep and a startling number of plant species.

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Fracking, public participation meeting

Karoo Fracking – The People say No

This article from our archives was written after one of Shell’s first public participation meetings in the Karoo. It makes for fascinating background reading.

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