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Gordonia Road Trip: Into the River Pirates’ Lair

Where the hell is Gordonia? And where did the river pirates bury their treasure?

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Karoo Life I – The Quiver Trees of Kenhardt

Kenhardt’s quiver trees (kokerbome) are the living – and dying – witnesses to climate change in southern Africa’s arid areas.

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Kenhardt, Northern Cape

The most remarkable feature of Kenhardt on the Karoo – Bushmanland border is the magnificent quiver tree forest just outside the little town.

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Marydale, Northern Cape

Marydale is most famous for its location, being near the almost-mythical old railway station village of Putsonderwater.

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Putsonderwater, Northern Cape

Putsonderwater – the derelict ghost-village where travel journalists and photographers go rail-surfing.

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