Orange River

The First Karoo Tourists

Being a Karoo traveller 200 years ago was a different kettle of fish.

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Water Stories of the Drylands

In the Kalahari and Karoo, water is treated with a reverence not found in moister climates. Here you will hear of the Watersnake, a creature that rules the watercourses.

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gord 13

Gordonia Road Trip: Into the River Pirates’ Lair

Where the hell is Gordonia? And where did the river pirates bury their treasure?

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Karoo Life II Launched!

More great Karoo stories from the Karoo Space team.

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Augrabies, Northern Cape

Augrabies village is near one of the most dramatic water drop-offs in South Africa – the Augrabies Falls.

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Groblershoop and Boegoeberg Dam

Groblershoop lies directly on the twisting Orange River and its major income derives from the table grape industry.

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Kakamas, Northern Cape

Kakamas in the upper Northern Cape snuggles into a fast-flowing Orange River and is today a place of vast table grape vineyards and lucerne fields.

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Keimoes, Northern Cape

The vineyards and water wheels of Keimoes are world famous, and in a good year its raisin crops are exported throughout the globe.

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Khuboes, Northern Cape

Khuboes is a small settlement in the eastern reaches of the Richtersveld, near the Ai Ais – Richtersveld Transfrontier Park.

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oranje 1

Orania, Northern Cape

A small but earnest group of separate-State Afrikaners live in the town of Orania.

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