Port Nolloth


Karoo Keepsakes II – Diamond in the Rough

Meet George Moyses, one of the great Port Nolloth story tellers – and a legendary old diamond diver.

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diamond 2

Alexander Bay to Hondeklip Bay – The Diamond Coast Route

The Diamond Coast Route explored between Alexander Bay and Hondeklip Bay.

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Knapsak vol Karoo: Bodemboere

Haar naam is Port Jolly. Haar hart dié van ‘n rebel.

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Hondeklip Bay, Northern Cape

Travellers love the misty seaside atmosphere of Hondeklip Bay.

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McDougall’s Bay, Northern Cape

McDougall’s Bay is a holiday haven for Namaqualanders, Capetonians and the odd long-distance Gautenger.

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Port Nolloth, Northern Cape

Port Nolloth, near the mouth of the Gariep River, built its fame on the once-fabulous store of diamonds that came out of the Gariep and settled in the off-shore shelf formation.

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Karoo Routes: The Fred Cornell Richtersveld Diamond Route

Travel the Northern Cape’s Fred Cornell Route, from Port Nolloth to the Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park.

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Karoo Routes: Cape Town to Namibia

The Great N7 Route: Cape Town to Namibia.

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