The Cradock Animal Shelter

Cradock Animal Shelter

The Cradock Animal Shelter opened its doors at the beginning of 2014, and has become a crucial sanctuary for animals in trouble.

Under the guidance of animal-lover Paddy Orpen and staff, the Shelter has cared for and rehomed countless lost dogs and stray cats, but occasionally have they have surprises.

Once the Shelter was asked to help with a tiny springbok lamb that must have become separated from its mother and was found running down the national road.

On another occasion, they confiscated a badly injured cross between a zebra and a horse – a zorse. Once she was nursed back to health, the Cradock Animal Shelter found a new home for her.

When it comes to supporting the Shelter, Cradock locals have proven to be generous people.

“They are just amazing. We cannot thank them enough. We’ve received so much support and good will and donations,” says Paddy.

But at the moment the Cradock Animal Shelter (which has a Non-Profit Organisation number) is seeking sponsorship for a number of new initiatives:

  • Rainwater tanks so that animals can remain watered and kennels cleaned during water shortages or disruptions;
  • Guttering to guide the rainwater into the tanks;
  • Canvas that can be used in winter to create warmer shelters for bitches and pups;
  • Insulation (sisalation) for kennels to keep them cooler in summer and warmer in winter;
  • Fencing materials;
  • Fly screens for office doors and windows;
  • And of course, there is always a need for fuel, food and blankets.

If you can help in any way, please contact Paddy or one of the staff at the above numbers.