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The Karoo can be a vast, hot, inscrutable place to strangers.

You could be driving through a small town on a Sunday and it feels like aliens came down and stole all the humans.

Or you could be looking down on the Valley of Desolation at midday and see nothing more than a blasted heath.

You need Karoo Eyes. Karoo Ears. Karoo Knowledge. Karoo Insight.

Once you have all those going for you, South Africa’s hinterland opens up like a gorgeous daisy and bewitches the senses.

So that’s just why we at Karoo Space wrote and compiled this exciting series of e-books for both the real-time adventurer and those who prefer armchair journeys.

We call them “travellers’ companions”, and they’re perfect for your mobile devices, tablet-size and down (or even PCs and laptops).

Karoo Keepsakes is our best-selling double-edition print book – now available in PDF format as an e-Book.


locovers00043e-bookDown the digital aisle, you’ll find Knapsak vol Karoo, the two Keepsakes books translated quite marvellously into Afrikaans. One day, we hope to speak Afrikaans as well as Melina Smit’s translation of these two volumes.

And look, here’s 101 Karoo Towns. Where else are you going to find such a central resource on our settlements, big and small?

And the thing of it is, as you travel with 101 Karoo Towns in your device, you are connected to the leading website on each place. Which means you can find out where to eat, stay and place wherever you travel in the Karoo.

And here’s a brand-new series for you: Karoo Life I, II and III.

These e-Books are illustrated stories gathered by Karoo Space over the past decade. This is where you gain insights into the lifestyle and culture of the Karoo.


If you want to know where that Climax wind pump comes from, how a meerkat follows the sun, where the finest wire cars (draadkarretjies) are crafted, where to get Karoo Honey Ale at lunchtime, when the country’s best festival is held, what it’s like on a Port Nolloth diamond boat and why the quiver trees are marching south, then this is the digital space you need to be in.

More Karoo Space e-Book launches are planned for the next year, so keep in touch via our social media platforms, our newsletters and our website for updates.

This is your own Heartland. The most special place in South Africa. Find out why we promote, protect and defend it with such passion.

And once you have your Karoo Eyes, jump in your car and visit us. We’re always open – you just have to know where the front door is.

Visit the Karoo Space e-Bookshop and see our Special Deals.


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