Road Tripper Eastern Cape Karoo

4.50 out of 5
(2 customer reviews)


An essential Traveller’s Companion and Holiday Guide in Ebook format.

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This is a book that reveals the secrets and delights of one of South Africa’s finest and most affordable holiday routes.

Road Tripper Eastern Cape Karoo has been compiled and designed as an easy-to-use illustrated guide with a map, 130 insights and an extensive directory to point you to the best of the region.

road tripper eastern cape karoo

Our new logo for the Road Tripper – Eastern Cape Karoo.

The book lets you:

  • Plan a route with overnight stops at Victorian-era hotels, friendly guesthouses and traditional farmstays;

    road tripper eastern cape karoo

    Snowtime in the Eastern Cape Karoo – no place more romantic.

  • Discover our array of Karoo padstalle (roadside farm stalls) and the delicious foods on offer;
  • Go on a remarkable pub crawl to all the quirky bars en route and get the publicans to sign their pages;
  • Learn the kind of lifestyle snippets you would never be able to source anywhere else;
  • Break the ice with the locals, who are a friendly and hospitable lot;
  • Work out your own Karoo Bucket List of travels.

Road Tripper Eastern Cape Karoo also comes in printed form as a handy memento of a great journey and as a valued gift for someone special.

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4.50 out of 5

2 reviews for Road Tripper Eastern Cape Karoo

  1. 5 out of 5


    To many, the Karoo is a place you pass through, quickly and preferably at night, en route to the coast. Guilty as charged, but not anymore.
    Karoo Keepsakes I and II by Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit played a big part in converting me into a Karoo-lover and the Karoo is both the journey and destination for me, these days.
    What I like about their books is that they’re written in an easy-going and fun, yet informative style. This new ebook is packed with gorgeous black-and-white photographs and has 286 pages.
    Their other books I already have are in full-colour, but monochrome images are just as good, and I love these.
    The use of hyperlinks is a useful and time-saving feature of the ebook in that you can easily navigate the book from the table of contents. The book is peppered with links to the directory at the end of the book, and there you will get handy links to e-mail and web page addresses.
    You will find abundance in this new book, whether you’re looking for colourful characters, famous writers, flora and flora, artists, pubs, eateries and so much more.
    I am confident to say that Road Tripper Eastern Cape Karoo will add to the Karoo Space catalogue. The ebook gets two thumbs-up from me. I should get my print copy in the next day or two from Love Books in Joburg, which I can’t wait for and I intend to read it slowly to savour the experience.
    The e-book is R150 and the print version R240, which is dirt-cheap.

  2. 4 out of 5


    So easy to read and brilliant photography about an area in the countryside that is hugely underrated. All the hyperlink click-throughs to the directory work. Highly recommendable read.

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