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Enamel signs
Enamel signs
Are you selling anything? Looking for products or services in the Karoo?

Why should I advertise on Karoo Central?

Not only do you become part of a uniquely Karoo trading community, we will promote you to our existing readers via social media like our Facebook page and Twitter. We will do our best to make sure your advert is easily searchable by Google. (Have a look at Karoo Central here.)

How much does it cost?

For a month, R100. For 2 months, R200. For 3 months, R260. For 6 months, R500. For a year, R1 000.

How can I pay?

You can either pay electronically (or at an FNB) and send proof of payment to julie@karoospace.co.za. We will be setting up a PayFast account so you can pay by credit card too. Email Julie if if you need banking details.

Can I advertise in Afrikaans?


What happens if I make a spelling mistake in my advert or my grammar is a bit dodgy?

Don’t worry. We’ll fix it up for you.

Can I update or change my advert?

Yes, you’re welcome to make changes to your advert once a month. Just send us an email detailing the changes and we’ll do it.

On the form where I submit my advert (see Karoo Central advertisement submission page here), what does ‘Listing Title’ mean?

This is basically the ‘headline’. Keep it to 7 words or fewer for maximum impact.

What is the ‘Short description’ and what should I insert here?

These are the words that appear in bold just under the headline (Listing Title). Keep it short – no more than 20 words or so. They are also the words that appear on a Google search, so make them count!

What is the ‘Long description’?

This is the long section that appears under your contact details in the advert. Incidentally, you don’t have to compose your advert here. You are welcome to cut and paste it in. You can submit between 100 and 300 words.

How do I choose a picture?

Use your company logo or a simple evocative photograph. We’ve found the most effective photographs are those that are vertical (portrait-shaped). We prefer the images to be under 300kb. If you have any queries, or you need us to help with a generic photograph, just email us on info@karoospace.co.za.

And if you have any more questions, please email us!

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      Hi there Vicky. Thanks for compliment! We appreciate the feedback. On the matter of our e-books and Kindle, we do have some books that will be Kindle-compatible in the pipeline, but they’re not in the ‘shop’ yet. The existing ones work very well on tablets and even laptops.

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