Karoo Central Marketplace

Williston Mall
Williston Mall
The Williston Mall. Like Karoo Central, it has something for everyone.

You know the delight of entering one of those old Karoo trading stores where there is something of everything, and so much to fascinate the eye?

Karoo Space is about to launch the digital version of that wonderful shopping experience.

This new ‘marketplace’ is called Karoo Central, and we want you to be among the first to get a sneak preview. (Plus we have a gift for you too. See below.)

Trading store
Karoo trading stores have so much to fascinate the eye.

Are you looking for a house to buy or rent? Do you want to advertise for a book-keeper or a farm manager? Do you need accommodation? A wrought-iron gate? Are you looking for builders or restorers? Do you want to fill your truck with a payload on an empty leg?

This is where you’ll probably find what you need in the Karoo, or can advertise for it.

Are you a Karoo-based picture framer? Donkey-cart maker? A horse whisperer? A bookshop owner? A livestock seller? A tourism officer? A restaurateur? A farmer looking for grazing land to hire? Do you repair windpumps?

Donkey cart
Everything from trained donkeys to donkey carts and more.

Do you need a Karoo-based wedding photographer? Are you looking for a humane way to get rid of jackals? Or someone who bakes kiddies’ theme cakes? Are you looking for heirloom seeds, a hand-made saddle or a bee-keeper?

And if you’re not from the Karoo, this is where you can browse and gain a great insight into what makes us tick.

Here’s where you can connect with the often-invisible business network in the Karoo, from guesthouse owners to courier companies, physiotherapists and estate agents to seed suppliers, co-ops and tyre repair people.

Karoo shop
Looking for a guesthouse? A padstal? A muffin?

Adverts in Karoo Central will cost R100 a month (or R500 for a six months and R900 a year).

The sections so far include Property, Jobs, Travel, Events, Food, Farming, Good Causes, Transportation, Personals, Services (including legal, financial, education, health and more).

Good Causes will always be for free, and is open to any charities or upliftment projects in the Karoo. Please submit any you know!

Jobs Wanted is also free to anyone seeking a job. Just send your contact details, qualifications, what kind of job you seek and where.

Mazzawattee tins
Do you have anything in the Karoo you’d like to advertise?

Now here’s our other gift. If you are among the first 100 people to send in an advert (with 100 to 300 words and a low resolution picture or logo – preferably vertical – and all your contact details), you can get free space on this new section for 3 months.

Have a look here at the Karoo Central landing page: www.karoospace.co.za/karoo-central. If you’d like an example of an advert, have a look here at this one for Langbaken Cheese or just poke around the website.

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