Karoo Choice Grassfed Beef

Karoo cattle grassfed beef

On our farm, The Rest in the Karoo Sneeuberg mountains outside Nieu Bethesda in the Graaff-Reinet area, we raise cows naturally.

They eat Karoo grass, drink the cleanest water and are treated with care and respect.

Our cattle eat grass, no maize, no hormones, no antibiotics, no growth stimulants. This is the way beef is supposed to taste.

When the time is right, we will slaughter one cow at a time. This animal is then hung for up to 2 weeks, and professionally worked by our butcher in Graaff-Reinet.

All the meat cuts come vacuum-packed, and where possible you can chose if you want it fresh from the butcher, or frozen.

We supply locally in Nieu Bethesda and Graaff-Reinet, and make ocasional trips to Gauteng and Cape Town.

If there is a large enough order, we will deliver to anywhere in the Eastern Cape (but transport costs extra).