Karoo Life III – Hantam Trust, Colesberg


Northern Cape, 2010 – We’re standing beside a windmill at the side of a little dust road, somewhere between Colesberg and the blue horizon.

3The Climax spins and creaks quietly in the cool morning breeze and a few sheep bleat in the distance. Another day in the vast Karoo.

Soon, though, it’s drowned out by the distant roar of a straining engine.

A school bus appears, emblazoned with the words ‘Hantam Community Education Trust’, packed with children wearing grins as wide as the sky.

The bus heads over the hill and pulls up at a set of neat white buildings, red-roofed and surrounded by trees and lawn.

Before long, nearly 200 kids are out and practising sprints, hurtling along string-lined tracks in the dust or on the grass in the courtyard, watched over by teachers.

Full story in Karoo Life III – Get Your Copy Here.

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