Karoo Modern Exhibits in Nieu-Bethesda

karoo art
karoo art
“Moed Verloor” by Joshua Miles.

By Charmaine Haines

Visuals courtesy Selected Artists

The inaugural Karoo Modern: A Visual Dialogue exhibition of contemporary art, to be held in Nieu-Bethesda between 12-22 December, will reflect and expand on the past, present and the future of the Karoo.

"Rain Dance" by Gregg Price.
“Rain Dance” by Gregg Price.

The Karoo as we know it continues to be under threat. Those of us who are closely connected to the Karoo have come to realise more and more how fragile this environment has become.

Besides the threat of fracking, statistics reveal that the numbers of farmers on the land have dropped significantly.

karoo art
Karoo Cactus Koppie Vessels by Lynnley Watson.

The fences are coming down in more ways than one, which means that our food basket is also under threat.

Art professionals from across the Eastern Cape and Karoo have been invited to participate in this important visual arts event which celebrates the transformative power of art in its ability to change mindsets and influence decision makers.

The exhibition will explore the artists’ perspective of the Karoo in an attempt to blur the lines between art and advocacy.

karoo art
“Folly Trolley” by Derrick Erasmus.

By reimagining, reinterpreting and reconstructing new narratives from within the Karoo context we as artists can continue to celebrate its beauty and react to these threatening changes by keeping these conversations going through visual dialogue, creating significant public awareness.

karoo art
“Dorp on a Precipice” by Anthony Harris.

Selected artists include –

Katie du Toit Barnard, Paul Birchall, Frans Boekkooi, Clare Menck, Roxandra Dardagan Britz, Thys Cilliers, Cleone Cull, Dirkje Daling, Karen de Beer, Sieg de Beer, Amanda De Wet, Derrick Erasmus,  Anne Graaff, Hilaretang, Charmaine Haines, Martin Haines, Anthony Harris, Lydia Holmes,  David Jones, Graham Jones, Niël Jonker, Greg Kerr, Kobus Kloppers, Wehrner Lemmer, Estelle Marais, Diane Mclean; Trevor Melville, Janice Mendelowitz, Peter Midlane, Joshua Miles, Bretten Ann Moolman, Nieu Bethesda Art Centre, Jennifer Ord, Pine Pienaar, Gregg Price, Albert Redelinghuis, Joanne Reen, Christine Ross Watt, Samten, Amos Senzela, Tori Stowe, Cedric Vanderlinde, Thea van Staden, Donve Branch, Lynnley Watson, Raymond Westraadt, Monique Wiffen Rorke, Mark Wilby.

karoo art
“Boer Hond Bakkie Plaas” by Estelle Marais.

For further information contact:

  • Suzette du Plessis

Tel: 082 375 2601

Email: suzette.dup@mweb.co.za

  • Charmaine Haines

Tel: 078 777 1966

Email: info@charmainehaines.co.za

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