Karoo Roads – A New Book

By Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit

Come out and visit the world’s friendliest arid wilderness, the Karoo region of South Africa. Kuier with the people of Aberdeen, dance with the De Boom statues in the middle of the Hard Man’s Karoo and wander through the lonely soldiers’ graves at Deelfontein Siding.

Fly with the memory of the Spitfire Ace of Pampoenpoort, join in a tribute to the Patchwork Man of Prince Albert, rootle through a shop of treasures in downtown Cradock, meet the Rastafarians of Calvinia, hear the steam train legends of De Aar and read ghost stories from long ago.

Prince Albert riel dancers perform in honour of Outa Lappies.

Find out about life in an Anglo-Boer War blockhouse, the beasts of the Bankberg Mountains, how the Mother Dam feeds the Great Fish River, the first great diamond discoveries at Jagersfontein and why David Kramer’s guitar came to live in a Norvalspont bar.

Dine in a Victorian-era full-service setting, and wake up on a Karoo farm with sheep frontage.

Karoo Roads is a collector’s treasure box of trips and tales gathered from more than a decade of research and rubber-on-the-road experiences.

Wire car racing in Philipstown, Northern Cape.

We will introduce you to some of the loveliest, toughest, most creative and downright crazy characters, critters and cultures thriving in the drylands of South Africa.

This First Edition is offered as an author-signed limited print run, accompanied by an A-5 sized Hand-Drawn Map of the Karoo, a set of 5 old-time Karoo postcards and a Postnet counter-to-counter courier service.

The cost to you, as a Karoo Space reader living in South Africa, is R350. If you are outside SA, we’ll work postage rates out. An e-book version of Karoo Roads is also on sale.

Rietfontein Ostrich Palace, Route 62, Little Karoo.

The effects of your contribution:

  • You will be part of our process of story-telling by joining us on a publishing journey, keeping us on the road and telling stories from the Karoo;
  • As one of the book’s ‘patrons’, you will be getting a limited edition of something timelessly valuable.

Interested? E-mail co-author Julienne du Toit at julie@karoospace.co.za for details and deals. And come along for the ride.


30 thoughts on “Karoo Roads – A New Book

  1. Margie Adcock says:

    I have no doubt this will be as insightful, fun and inspirational as your other books on the beloved Karoo. The moment we can travel I will be back on the roads with your new book as my guide so as to not miss anything!
    Count me in please!

  2. John Ryan says:

    Julie and Chris, I think the format is great. I have long envied the two of you, travelling around the Karoo, discovering its people and places. Family members used to farm at Kuruman (which they pronounced Crewman). I will certainly send them a copy – once I have read it myself. Be careful about the cover you choose. For my book, “One man’s Africa”, the Jonathan Ball lot found a picture of a skeletal guerrilla with an AK-47 which I’m sure turned people off.
    But well done. I look forward to it.

  3. Teresa Fogarty says:

    Looks amazing. Will definitely get stock for Fogarty’s Bookshop. Hopefully we will have lots of people needing the perfect Christmas prezzie. Happy times, happy faces and places. Well done again👍🙏

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  5. Geraldine says:

    I’m ordering 2 please. One for myself for my own 70th in November and one for my sister’s 60th in December 2020!
    We grew up on a farm in Hanover district.

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