Karoo Roads II – At the Printers!

There’s a road waiting for you, deep in the Karoo.

It’s a dusty back road, winding and curling around flat-topped koppies, with a big sky overhead and a herd of running springbok to your left. Right now, there’s not another human soul in sight.

Only in the Karoo can a traveller get sublimely lost, briefly find direction and then deliberately choose the unknown road, the path less travelled.


There’s no magic like the open road in the Karoo.

Open Skies, Open Roads

Somewhere ahead in the distance, travel writers Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit are waiting for you in their dusty bakkie. They want to take you, once again, on a 21-chapter series of Karoo journeys to the past, the present and sometimes to the future.

Chris and Julie would love to introduce you to the men and women who have made a home and a creative, fulfilled life in the South African Heartland.

And, who knows? There’s always the chance of an alien encounter. If not, you can just come over for a classic koeksister lesson in the Hard Man’s Karoo.

Publishing Preparations

Karoo Roads II, the series sequel to the popular Karoo Roads, has arrived at the printers and should be ready for shipping by August, 2021.

This First Edition of Karoo Roads II is offered as a signed and limited print run, and is now available on pre-order. Copies will be sent out in August.

The cost to you, as a Karoo Space reader living in South Africa, is R340. If you are outside SA, we’ll work postage rates out. An e-book version of Karoo Roads II will also be on sale.

Interested? E-mail co-author Julienne du Toit at julie@karoospace.co.za for details and deals. Ask her about the Subscriber Special: Karoo Roads I and II delivered to your door.

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