Karoo Roads III at the Printers!

Welcome to another heritage collection of journeys into the past and present of South Africa’s Karoo region.

From the studios of snowy Nieu-Bethesda to the stony heights of the Richtersveld, Karoo Roads III takes you roaming far and wide with seasoned storytellers Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit.

The Richtersveld Stock Post Road from Eksteenfontein.

Hear tales of love and cheese, sit with the elders of Lekkersing, find the shaggiest sheep in the country, witness angel-makers at work, read about the legends of a man who once painted the Sistine Chapel on an ostrich egg and a band of farmers’ wives who turned a piece of Karoo veld into a world-class country school.

The search for the shaggiest sheep in the Karoo.

Discover a rock star traffic cop, a four-legged ostrich, a couple who live in a castle, an Old School newspaperman with the highway in his eyes and a desert bar where magic happens on a regular basis.

Legendary newspaperman – Frans Hugo of Calvinia.

The stories we tell in this book reflect many of the magic elements you will find when you take that long, winding road trip into the Never-Never of South Africa. We celebrate the characters, past and present, who have all added their own lustre to the Karoo.

Sean Hobson of the Martyrsford Angora Stud Farm near Jansenville.

Together, we will ramble through mountains and valleys, discover treasures in dusty old museums, walk the streets of faraway villages and, most importantly, meet the locals: a big-hearted, motley crew of guitar-playing, philosophising, wine-drinking, offbeat creatives who have become a part of the landscape, are treating each day like a newly-minted gold coin and doing the best work of their lives.

The logo for the exclusive Dam Duik Mafia – enquire within.

Karoo Roads is a great piece of Africana. It’s not only literature, it is also historically important. It encapsulates the Karoo, its towns and people as they stand today and as they were yesterday.” – Author and Traveller James Clarke

  • Karoo Roads III will be out in September. For pre-orders of author-signed, first-edition copies, email Julienne du Toit at julie@karoospace.co.za


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