Karoo Space E-Books

Karoo Space brings you Old World content in a New World way, with a brand new e-Bookstore.

These books will enable you to becoming a Karoo Insider whether you find yourself currently in a faraway country or on a road trip through South Africa’s Heartland.

A couple of clicks gets you right into the middle of a world of meerkats, dirt roads, country musicians, dance festivals, feasts, guest farms and old windpumps.karoo space e-books

It’s a South Africa you always knew existed. The country beyond the headline. The welcoming smile beyond the cash register. The sky without end. The Karoo.

The Karoo Space e-Bookstore offers:

  • Karoo Keepsakes I – e-Book version of the best-selling, award-winning original print book;
  • Karoo Keepsakes II – e-Book version of the sequel to Keepsakes I;
  • Knapsak vol Karoo I – at last, the Afrikaans translation of Keepsakes I;
  • Knapsak vol Karoo II – the Afrikaans translation of Keepsakes II;
  • 101 Karoo Towns – a colourful tour, with live links to the best and most relevant websites, of more than 100 Karoo towns, villages and settlements.
  • Karoo Life I – III – A trio of lifestyle books, showing you how we live, where we live and, possibly, where you could one day hang your hat.

The Karoo Space e-Books are best read on tablets and smartphones, where the images are outstanding and the text can be enlarged to suit the reader. The books also provide a great read on laptops and personal computers.