Karoo Space: Your Navigator’s Guide

guide 1
Pella Cathedral in the Northern Cape.

Words and Photographs by Chris Marais

Welcome to our world. Your journey through Karoo Space has just begun. We hope to make it a cyber-trip that might one day lead to the real-time adventure of your life.

It’s really quite easy to work your way around this website, but we would not want you to miss a thing.

So we put together this quick-guide to help you along.

Mountain zebras
Mountain zebras have outsize ears.

With a single click of your mouse, you can move from section to section, story to story.

In Karoo Towns, you can visit 101 towns, villages and settlements all over the Karoo and the Crossover Zone into the Kalahari. The Karoo falls into four provinces, so our 101 Towns are divided up by province: Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Western Cape and Free State.

The Karoo Towns page carries an excellent Google Map, so by double-clicking on a region you can finally get down to the precise address of the place you’re looking for. It’s a small world, indeed.

But for the overland tripper or fireside traveller, our new book 101 Karoo Towns is a must-have. Each listed town on the site has a click-through to the Karoo Space e-Bookstore, where you can browse and even order a free Karoo Collection book for a look-see into the for-sale editions on the shelf.

guide 2
Nieuwoudtville in the morning mist.

Visit the middle row of icons where you see the cover pages of our e-Books. This section is going to grow dramatically in the next few years as we collect more and more stories from the Karoo, theme them and package them up into easy-to-access e-Books. Click on the covers to read more about them.

The Features section below tells you all about Farm Stays, Karoo Life, travel in the Karoo and the animals that live here.

If you become a regular visitor to this site and you want to view what we’ve just been working on, then click on one of the featured Latest Posts on the Home Page at middle, right.

guide 3
Our latest print book, Karoo Keepsakes II – available here.

In About Us, in the line of items below the main logo, you’ll discover more about the authors of this website and what they’re doing in the Karoo. Scroll down and you can read about the books they’ve written.

Contacting us is very easy. At the bottom of each page in the Blue Zone you’ll find our details. They’re also available in the About Us section.

And once you’ve been to the Karoo, we’d love you to send us a memory in the form of a short story (no longer than 400 words), a travel piece, a dedication or a poem relating to your experience. And, of course, celebrating the Karoo. If accepted, this will be edited and posted in Your Karoo.

We’ll illustrate the piece with an image or two from our stock library.

Visit the Karoo Space Print Bookstore and browse around the items. There are going to be updates of the product list all the time, including an exciting e-book venture in 2014.

Should there be any more questions or queries, please email us at info@karoospace.co.za and we will attempt to provide you with the information you need.



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