Loxton, Northern Cape

Loxton DR Church
The Loxton Dutch Reformed Church – in the centre of the village.
To a swift-moving traveller passing by on the R63, the Upper Karoo village of Loxton is often just a retreating church spire in a rear view mirror.

UFOlogists worth their salt will also remember Loxton as the place where, in 1975, a farmer saw four aliens in a ‘funny caravan’ and reported that they were all ‘a bit on the slow side’.

But just pull over and turn in one day if you’re in the area, and you’ll be amazed. Loxton, the place you may never have heard of, is well-beloved its locals and well-favoured by seasoned Karoo overlanders.

They made a wonderful movie called Jakhalsdans out here in Loxton, and many of the people you might meet here were hired as extras. A famous Afrikaans crime novelist called Deon Meyer has a place here. He and a number of farmers’ wives have banded together to form the I Am Living Trust, which tries to better the lives of Loxton children.

The trust often calls on celebrities to lend a hand with fund-raising. That’s why it’s not unusual to see a famous cabaret star like Antoinette Pienaar doing a charity show for the kids in the local church hall.

Weekenders love Loxton for its good heart, wide open spaces and sense of being a hideaway you’ll travel far to find. It used to be seen as a bit of an ‘old-age town’ but has undergone a transformation in recent years. The value of simply sitting on your stoep and spending a long time watching a donkey clop his way down the main street has finally been recognised by the younger set.


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6 thoughts on “Loxton, Northern Cape

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  2. Sandie says:

    My family is considering moving to Loxton. Don’t know the town. Would love more info . what amenities are available. Distance of schools shops churches etc. What shops are in the area

    • Bruce says:

      There’s basically only a small café to buy basic stuff like bread and milk, a small bottle store and a church that’s about it. There’s not even a petrol station, petrol/diesel is supplied by the local farmers. It’s a small slice of heaven where you feel like you are living in the let’s say 1940’s. If I could I would move and settle in Loxton ANYDAY……

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