Renu-Karoo Veld Restoration

Rhigozum obovatum (wildegranaat), Karoo veld

Renu-Karoo Veld Restoration is a Prince Albert based indigenous nursery and consulting business.

The owners, Sue and Richard Dean, have worked in Karoo rural areas for 30 years carrying out research on grazing effects, fauna, flora and approaches to repair of damaged Karoo Veld.

We supply seeds of 20 common and widespread Karoo grasses and shrubs including Cenchrus (bloubuffelgras), Ehrhata (rooisaadgras), Fingerhuthia (vingerhoedgras), Stipagrostis (boesmangras), Eriocephalus (kapok), Tripteris (Karoo bietou) suitable for veld restoration.

We grow plugs of these species and others, such as Pentzia incana (Ankerkaroo), Lycium (kriedoring) and Rhigozum obovatum (wildegranaat), to order for veld planting and landscaping.

Renu-Karoo Nursery propagates about 600 indigenous plant species including succulents, shrubs, grasses and trees.

We specialise in drought-tolerant Karoo trees and shrubs such as Acacia karroo (soetdoring), Rhus lancea (rooi karee), Rhus undulata (koeniebos), Euclea undulata (ghwarrie) and Diospyros lycioides (jakkalsbessie).

We also supply citrus, olive and deciduous fruit trees.

Consulting and restoration services include veld assessment, carrying capacity estimation, specialist botanical surveys, impact assessment, plant translocation, veld restoration, veld monitoring and weed management plans.