A Blessing for Karoo Keepsakes

karoo keepsakes
The little book that started it all back in 2009: Karoo Keepsakes.

Common wisdom for publishers is that official book reviews are very valuable marketing tools.

But sometimes the kind words of a regular reader are just as precious to an author. That’s why when this Holland-based South African contacted us about Karoo Keepsakes, we were touched:

“Tears are streaming down my cheeks as I write this e mail.

“I am a South African presently residing in The Netherlands and deep in my heart is a longing to return to South Africa – to the Eastern Cape – to live, forever!

“A few months ago I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa, and found the most amazing book called Karoo Keepsakes. What a beautiful, brilliant book. Here in Holland I have re-read it many times.  One just cannot put a book like this down, it just captures your heart!

“I have just read that you have brought out Karoo Keepsakes 11 – I just have to have it.

“In the meantime I shall dream about moving back to South Africa. Leaving South Africa did not change the fundamental roots that undeniably bind me to the African soil.

“I pray God will make a way for me!

“I wish you millions of blessings with your books, they are brilliant.”

From Carol Wolsink, The Netherlands

Karoo Keepsakes and Karoo Keepsakes II (Print Versions) are available HERE

Both books (and a large selection of others) are also available in Ebook Format HERE

Also try our Three for Two Special HERE


One thought on “A Blessing for Karoo Keepsakes

  1. Jean-Patrick GIRBIG says:

    These 2 books (Keepsakes) are fantastic. The Karoo is already a wonderfull region Worth discovering and understanding.

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