Thank You, Karoo Space Subscribers!

By Chris Marais & Julienne du Toit

Generous subscribers have donated more than R5 000 to drought relief via our latest book discount offer.

The first payment we make will be to the Gift of the Givers, who have undertaken a number of heroic drought relief missions across the Karoo for several years.

We recently offered up a special package discount on two of our books, Road Tripper Eastern Cape Karoo and The Journey Man, in which each order included a R100 donation to the drought relief organisation of our choice.

The Sneeuberg area around Nieu-Bethesda – one of the Karoo drought regions.

What You Said

Here are selected comments from some of the big-hearted souls who took up the Karoo Space offer:

Bruce and Sharon H, Bot River:

Hello Chris and Julie,

I trust that you are well.

We’re on our way home from the Britstown area where we spent a day or two with my aunt and uncle who have recently retired from sheep farming.

We couldn’t help but notice the devastating effect of the drought on the farming and village communities we passed through. We also saw many lorries carrying lucerne and other animal feed to the farmers.

We have just paid R1 000 into your account and hope that you’re happy to pass the donation on to the drought relief folk to ease the burden in a small way.

Thank you for opening a channel to allow us to assist in a small way with the drought relief programme! Well done!

This, from Bruce H, after the package arrived:

Hello Julie & Chris

I have just collected the parcel of books from our tiny post office – thank you!

I enjoyed unpacking the package – it was so well packed and felt like the party game “pass the parcel”, what with all the layers!

Thank you too for the post cards – it’s no doubt going to be quite something for someone to receive a “snail mail” posted item from us one of these days!

Anyway, here’s wishing you all the best, with added rain, this festive season!

The Beervlei Dam area just north of Willowmore, Eastern Cape.

From Ingrid K, Franschhoek:

Have just done EFT for R1 000.00.   Do what you will with the extra.  Your newsletter gives me so much pleasure.

From Paul P, Hillcrest, KZN:

Hi Julie,

Well done for your initiative. I don’t think many people in the country know how dire the Karoo situation actually is. 

From Philip M, Hermanus:

Thank you for making a difference in the Karoo! And thank you for the assistance to its peoples!

I would like to order 3 sets of two books i.e. 3 x R400 =R1200 and then I would like to donate an additional R300 (total R1500) to the appropriate drought relief movement if that is possible for you to administer.

From Sylvia van S, Pretoria:

So glad that we who live in Pretoria can do a little for these affected farmers. Great that you have done this. Please let me know if there are not any other ways as well.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to help, even though we benefit as well.

Emaciated livestock hanging out in hope at the dry town dam outside Adelaide, Eastern Cape.

From Bruce N, Van Reenen:

Please do send me the two drought relief books, and please do forward the extra money I will also send, to some other more stricken people.

 Wish we could do more, but everywhere one turns, there are umpteen dozens of locals, also requiring help.

 Our own, Van Reenen Grens Boerevereeniging sent R 30 000 of feed to the farmers in the Upington area. Van Reenen has been blessed with a hundred millimetres of rain, and our dusty farm dams, now do have some puddles within. Not yet knee deep, but still very welcome indeed.

 Wishing you, Peace, Happiness and Sunshine, (plus heaps of rain).

From Bruce M, Bedford:

Just read your article in the Karoo Space newsletter, thank you for what you guys are doing to help, really appreciate it.

From Tim S, Ermelo:

Please send me the info. God Bless you. Thanks. We really trust that the soaking rains will come.

 We so enjoy your books and stories in SA Country Life. Keep on trucking you two and bring us more delightful stories.

From Gail H, Plett:

Thank you for this most thoughtful idea.

Thanks to sponsors C.A.T. Motors of Cradock, Karoo Space was able to accompany the Gift of the Givers on some of their Eastern Cape Karoo relief trips.

Out in the Field

 Latest News: We’ve been working on a SA Country Life Special Drought Report for the past month – look out for the February 2020 issue (available from mid-January) of one of South Africa’s most popular lifestyle magazines.

Backed by our Isuzu vehicle maintenance sponsors, C.A.T. Motors in Cradock, we’ve tried to capture something of the biggest disaster to hit the Karoo in recorded history.

We’ve also just heard that the Caxton Magazine Advertising Sales Team (Country Life is part of their stable) will be donating their annual client gift funds this year to Gift of the Givers!

Cabbages for Graaff-Reinet farmers being delivered by the Gift of the Givers.

The Extended Offer

As a result of recent enquiries, the Karoo Space offer has been extended to our 3for2 selection of Ebooks, especially for our overseas-based subscribers who want to show support for the hard-hit communities affected by the drought.

Here are the details of both the print book offer and the Ebooks offer:

In Print: The Journey Man & Road Tripper Eastern Cape: R400, including local postage and a R100 donation to drought relief. Email Julie at and she will send you bank details;

Ebook Specials: A selection of Karoo Keepsakes I, Karoo Keepsakes II,  Knapsak vol Karoo, Karoo Life I-III, 101 Karoo Towns. Just follow the links below and order them from our website:

Each Ebook Special purchased means a R50 donation to Karoo drought relief.

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