Hofmeyr, Eastern Cape

Karoobos, the centre of Hofmeyr social life.

The town of Hofmeyr, about 60 km north of Cradock in the Eastern Cape, used to be called Maraisburg.

It was named after one Daniel Marais, a local leading light who led the move to establish a new town and congregation in the area.

But then there was always the chance of confusion with the existing Maraisburg in the old Transvaal, so instead they named the town after Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr, one of the founders of the Afrikaans language. Jan Hofmeyr was said to be one of the first-ever white South African politicians to ever oppose racial segregation.

Passing through Hofmeyr these days, your eye will be drawn to the deliciously pink tones of the local Mother Church. And then your attention will wander to the brightly coloured post office buildings and, finally, to the Karoobos Farm Stall and Guest House.

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