Orania, Northern Cape

oranje 1
oranje 1
The famous Koeksuster statue in Orania..
A small but earnest group of separate-State Afrikaners live in the town of Orania, a former settlement for construction workers building the Vanderkloof Dam on the Orange River.

For the most part, they exist on their own terms in a little network of small businesses – they even have their own currency, called the Ora.

But before you go thinking of Orania as an oxwagon camp full of Luddites, one must mention that the community has a reputation for computer literacy, progressive farming methods (pecan nuts in particular) and a willingness for hard physical work.

The town is also known for its environmental awareness. Residents recycle their garbage, new houses all have solar geysers and home owners are experimenting with New Age building materials like ‘living roofs’ and straw bale.

And visitors who want to meet the Oranians and see how they live are welcomed to the community.

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