Prince Albert’s Fabulous Showroom Theatre


show 1
The Showroom Theatre in Prince Albert on opening night.

Text & Photographs by Yolande Singery

Prince Albert was recently treated to a night on the town with hosts Johnny Breedt and Charon Landman at the opening of their spectacular new theatre, The Showroom.

show 2
The Showroom Theatre foyer.

The recently renovated building, originally of art deco design, was given a face-lift to include the new theatre, a magnificent entrance, rest rooms, kitchen etc.

Grand chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and attention to detail is visible in all the decor and finishes.

The dress code was formal, and it was fabulous to see those from Prince Albert and visitors alike, all dressed up for the occasion.  I loved the eccentricities of some, and was fascinated by others.  I think some mistook a night at the theatre for a day at the July.  But who cares?  Fun was had by all.

show 4
The dress code was formal, the evening superb.

Pongracz flowed freely all night and delicious snacks of which prawns, carpaccio, strawberries dipped in chocolate and macaroons were just a few.  I was too busy with my camera to notice all the food.

Nianell gave an impressive performance, and I was totally struck by the range and strength of her voice! She says it took her a long time to break into the industry and be signed up, but has now sung with many of the greats such as Andrea Boccelli.

show 3
Popular singer Nianell was the star turn of the evening.

At the end of the evening, all the guests received a gift of a Nianell CD and a showroom pen, all beautifully wrapped.

Johnny and Charon, we salute you for a fantastic job well done!

Yolande Singery:




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