Steynsburg, Eastern Cape

The sleepy rural town of Steynsburg.
Steynsburg is one of the last Karoo towns you pass through on your way to the north-east heights of places like Molteno, Dordrecht and Barkly East.

If you were looking for an affordable country home to escape to after many years of city life, Steynsburg would be such a place to consider.

There are all sorts of facilities in place, like a golf course, a country club, filling station, hospital and a small range of shops. You’ll find street after street of fixer-uppers, houses that could be ‘sparked up’ once more with not very much money.

Steynsburg lies in a great mountain setting, has a friendly sheep-farming community and the kind of clean air that places like Malaysia, China and parts of Indonesia might never see again.

Here’s a comment from someone who bought a place cheaply and established a b&b in Steynsburg:

“There’s so much to do. You never get bored. There’s always a screw or something to be put in somewhere.

“And the air really is like champagne. After a life spent in the city, you really appreciate it. It’s so amazing to see the stars, and to just breathe.

“Everywhere you turn, the scenery just gets better and better. There’s the Gariep Dam nearby, the Stormberg mountains, Teebus and Koffiebus in the distance.”

Most Steynburgers you speak to feel their town is on the brink of a serious turnaround in fortunes. It’s peaceful, affordable, and on the shortest route between KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape.

In short, Steynsburg is a place in waiting…

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