Karoo Farm Cricket – Alameen Templeton

lowprior0013“Aah…The soothing smack of willow on leather

A reassuring sound that awakens the morning air/

That says fools, pay no heed to the weather/

Think they can they can play like when they still had hair/

Ah! The pop of vertebrae in my spine!/

The ‘snap’ of a bound-up knee/

The new hip seems to be working fine/

And such is cricket’s allure you see/

We never admit, on arriving home, she’s right/

That would be far too sweet/

But we’d much prefer to stay home at night/

And watch Supersport while we put up our feet/

Ooh oooh! The ache! The pain! A bit to the right!

You’ve got magic hands my darling/

Please massage me all night.”


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