Karoo Keepsakes II has Arrived!

Karoo Keepsakes

lowcovers0002Welcome to Karoo Keepsakes II. Welcome to the Heartland of South Africa.

You are about to meet a Zen master on a Colesberg farm, the Riel Dance Queen of Namaqualand, a true shaman who heals with herbs and knows the inner thoughts of donkeys, a man who lives with 120 000 books, the Water King of the Karoo and a whole bunch of musicians whose first preference is to perform somewhere in the land of meerkats.

You will learn about the night creatures of the Karoo, frolic at the festivals, join us for Sunday lunch and follow the mighty Orange River as it rampages west through the dry country.

Karoo Keepsakes I was a hit. Karoo Keepsakes II is four more years of travel, encounter, research and pure fun, as we bring the Karoo into your home – and, hopefully, into your heart.

Your Copy of Karoo Keepsakes II

You can order this book in two ways:

  • Transfer R275 into our bank account (FNB Account Number 6221 2904 678, Bank Code 210218, Account holder Mainline Media) and email us your name, address and proof of payment to info@karoospace.co.za. You could also fax us your order and details to 048 881 2660.
  • Or go to our Shop, order and pay via the Payfast service. This is especially useful for credit card transactions.

Keep checking our Facebook page for announcement of special Karoo Keepsakes I and II combination deals.


33 thoughts on “Karoo Keepsakes II has Arrived!

  1. Sue Derwent says:

    I want to be like you when I grow up! Well done to two of my most favourite people. The Karoo would not be the same without you (and your dog) (and your books) (and your website) (and your humour) (and your kindness) (and your craziness) and most of all, (your stories!) Beeg hugs all round.

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  29. Jack Burgess says:

    Hi there, Congratulations on book 11
    Please start a movement to get those disused railway tracks converted into cycle paths.It happens in Europe and USA.
    It would be great for OUR KAROO

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