Karoo Keepsakes II – The Rave Goes On

tgrav 1There are two kinds of South Africans: those who live in the Karoo, and those who would like to.”

That’s how long-time travel author and editor of the popular www.travelwrite.co.za Caroline Hurry begins her glowing review of Karoo Keepsakes II – The Journeys Continue.

Sales of our new book have been excellent, in huge part due to media support from people like Jennifer Crwys-Williams of Talk Radio 702, Julia Lloyd of SA Country Life Magazine and now Caroline Hurry of TravelWrite.

The orders – and bouquets – from South Africans living overseas have poured in as well.

Carol Wolsink, a Saffer currently in the Netherlands, said today:

“Wow. Your Karoo Keepsakes II has arrived and what a gem!  The photos are incredible and I just love the text that goes with them. Each page tells a story about life in the Karoo. This is South Africa, this is what people want to see and read.   I am thrilled to have received the book.

Julie, when you and Chris bring out Karoo Keepsakes III just let me know as I will be first on your list to purchase!

If I were living back in SA I would promote your books…”

Read Caroline Hurry’s review here: TravelWrite.

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2 thoughts on “Karoo Keepsakes II – The Rave Goes On

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  2. Maggie Thomas says:

    I am not South African but during WW2 I grew up and went to school in Cape Town, I was fortunate enough to visit my friend’s family farm which happened to be in the Karoo…the nearest town was Beaufort West. I fell in love with the landscape and miss it even now, so many years later.

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