Karoo Life III – AfrikaBurn!


Northern Cape, 2009 – Last summer, on a blasted heath between the desert and the deep blue sea, I found a piece of South Africa I had been dreaming of for more than 50 years.

3So that’s it. Damn glad I never flew across the big waters to live in a strange land. Damn pleased I planted my tatty old road warrior’s flag in the Karoo, possibly ‘til the end of my days. Damn lucky I turned off to Lekker Lag in the Tankwa.

I chug south from Calvinia on the Ceres road with my wife Jules and a bakkie-load of dodgy camping gear.

Today is building up to be a windy summer stinker. We drive past a green Hipi-Kombi loaded down with a windpump head.

“Need any help?”, we offer.

“Naah. Just overshot the turnoff to Tankwa Town and now we’re resting up for a while,” the two Shaggies reply. OK, see you on that side.

AfrikaBurn takes place on a property called Stonehenge, but first you have to pass through another hardscrabble place with a creaky windpump called Lekker Lag.

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