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Landscape magic of the Little Karoo in springtime.
More reader reviews have come in to the Karoo Space e-Bookstore, and the general reaction so far has been great.

We’ve had a very good time researching, writing and compiling this ever-growing collection of books on South Africa’s heartland.

The many trips and adventures we’ve embarked on over the past ten years have all borne fruit in our various books.

Now we’re on a new journey, taking our readers with us on a series of e-book adventures through the Karoo.

With five published e-books and three more being launched soon, this is what some of our readers have said:

John Cross, Durbanville, Cape Town:

I just wanted to say thanks to you both for the wonderful 101 Karoo Towns.

Not only did it cover some old favourites but has also given me a whole new list of places to visit. Thanks for doing what you do!

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Drive-by smiles and laughter in Prince Albert village.

Gert Kruger, Brakpan, Gauteng:

The books are great, in fact the information in them assists me on planning my 2015 MotorCycle Adventure through the Northern Cape, parts of the West Coast & Karoo.

I am subscribed to your newsletter and look forward to the next batch of books to be downloaded.

Mike Fullerton, Constantiakloof, Gauteng:

Hi Julie,

Let me start off by saying that you and Chris have brought the Karoo alive in your wonderful works of art. So many people write off the Karoo as that huge, arid expanse of nothing in our country.

There is an absolute magic to the Karoo and I count myself fortunate to have visited many of the places you describe, although it is true to say your books have created a new wanderlust to visit many more of the towns and dorpies you have written about.

What makes reading them all the more enjoyable is that one can identify with many of the places, people and events you cover and at the same time learn so much more about the vast region.

The whole process of purchasing and downloading the e-books went smoothly. The quality of the books on my iPad is superb and the links to the websites work.

I am really looking forward to the launch of your Karoo Life series.

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Artwork sculpted by Frans Boekkooi, one of the creative sparks of the Karoo.

Jacky du Plessis, Witkoppen, Johannesburg:

Here is my feedback on your e-books:

I think the quality is great, the photography excellent and the writing style enticing, more than ably imparting the feel of the Karoo to the reader, hence my attraction to the books.

But then I am a fan of the Karoo, so am already sold on learning more and growing my knowledge. Even better, we hope to explore more of the Karoo having only really travelled to and experienced the Eastern & Northern Cape.

The stories and photos are an enticement to spread our wings and take in more of the Karoo.

The website links work well and provide an avenue to more specific and expanded information on places. Well done, I think you have exploited this technology appropriately.

One thing is for certain, you are certainly putting the Karoo “on the map”.

What was once thought of as a vast, unending space of nothing much really, is now filled with characters, history, fauna and flora, issues (such as fracking), geology, great beauty and more.

I hope the legends and lore of this remarkable area reach far beyond the borders of our country.

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Springtime bloom in Namaqualand.

Janet Tanner-Tremaine, Hapshire, United Kingdom:

The people of the Karoo are the salt of the earth and are beautifully portrayed and documented for us by the authors Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit.

The photography is wonderfully evocative of that part of the world. I shall treasure my books and love to delve into them to remind me that next time we are able to travel to South Africa we need to spend more time in the Karoo, and urge you to do the same.

All these inspiring reader comments come on top of a very positive review from fellow traveller and writer, Roxanne Reid, Cape Town.

Here is her intro:

If you love the back roads and little dorpies of the dry South African heartland that is the Karoo, you have two choices.

You can fill up with high-priced fuel and go exploring on four wheels, or you can put yourself in the hands of authors Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit and let them be your virtual guides.

Read her full story here: The Roxanne Reid Blog

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A lonely Anglo-Boer War blockhouse at Prior Grange Farm, Springfontein, southern Free State.

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