Media Thumbs-up for Karoo Roads

While most of our readers either stayed home for the December holidays or headed off to long-awaited destinations, we were busy on the digital highways with our new book, Karoo Roads.

Along the way, we picked up some very important coverage from two major media platforms.

The Daily Maverick

The edgy, ground-breaking Daily Maverick ran a visual essay on Karoo Roads, calling it “a collector’s treasure box of trips and tales gathered from more than a decade of research and rubber-on-the-road experiences”.

The South African

Next wasThe South African, a large platform that gets to Saffers here and abroad, with an extensive Q&A on the book and its authors.

The Readers

We also spent much of December packing copies of Karoo Roads in old travel brochures and sending them off, mostly via Postnet, to the second wave of readers just in time for Christmas.

They were delighted. Here are two of the latest responses:

Anthony Galloway, Cape Town

“I completed my reading of your excellent publication last night, and put it down with a smile and a great sigh of satisfaction. Hearty congratulations on not only the photographs and truly well-written content, but the quality of the publication — quite beautifully produced! You should feel justifiably proud!

The stories of the mense were wonderful, especially to someone like me who has at least a passing knowledge of the Karoo. They illustrate the diversity and character of the region in an evocative and powerful manner, and pay fitting tribute to the magic as well as the challenges of the whole, wide area. Your ‘homework/legwork’ and research was of the highest order, and added a great deal of depth and value to the contents — very impressive indeed.”

Sylvia van Straaten, Pretoria:

“I had Karoo Roads as a faithful friend while we travelled through the Karoo on our way to join family on the Garden Route for Christmas. It has become a ritual when we travel for me to find a relevant story, reference, quote from your books at a particular place or dorp.

Once again, you have excelled yourselves. You have, as always, captured in your inimitable style, not only the people and stories, but the all-pervading atmosphere of the beloved Karoo. The touches of humour add so much! I loved, for instance, the tidbit about Deelfontein and Dealesville post office! Thank you for honouring so many wonderful people for their many contributions. The many varied photos, obviously chosen with such insight, make it even more special.

Thank you for these gems. As we are in our late 80’s, we might not travel those roads again soon, but your books will serve as wonderful reminders of those roads well- travelled.”

Purchase your copy of Karoo Roads at the Karoo Space Bookshop (Print) HERE and (Ebook) HERE or email us at for details.

3 thoughts on “Media Thumbs-up for Karoo Roads

  1. margie Osler says:

    Your books are a delight to all who read them….breath-taking visuals and quirky comments by a remarkable couple who love the Karoo and who have put all us hermits and outliers on the map. Thank you dear and special Jules and Chris for your creativity and positive outlook. May your work continue to light up the middle of nowhere for all who visit and live here.

  2. Clive Walker says:

    Need some advice on a book on my ‘art’ and the historical BxW images of conservation hero’s over 50 years. EWT turns 50 in 2023. Size, number of pages, hard or soft cover. Grateful thanks and best all. Clive

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