Karoo Routes: Cape Town to Oudtshoorn: Route 62

You are here: False Bay, Simon's Town, Cape Town.
You are here: False Bay, Simon’s Town, Cape Town.
Your end point: Oudtshoorn, capital of Ostrich Country.
After leaving Cape Town, head east on the N1 to Worcester, take the R60 to Montagu and you’re there, at the start of Route 62.

Apart from being billed as the ‘longest wine route in the world’, which is pretty cool, Route 62 takes you into the beating heart of the Little Karoo, where the mountains are craggy and the ostriches greet you with a crooked smile.


Craggy Cogman’s Kloof outside Montagu.

Montagu, and the Cogman’s Kloof hole-in-the-wall that you drive through to get there, is all about Cape Fold Mountains, those gloriously slumped layer cakes of geological formations.

In terms of how the village looks, Cape Dutch vies with Georgian-style for attention and elegance. Good restaurants, an excellent farm stall and comfortable lodgings await.

wine 1
You’re on the ‘longest wine route in the world’ – the R62.

Less than 70km east lies Barrydale, which looks from a distance like a dream village in the mountains, lost in time. In actual fact, it’s a very buzzy destination, full of artists and restaurateurs and a good network of farmstays and guest houses. Barrydale has a labyrinth for the soul-searchers and, for the lovers of wines and brandies, the Barrydale Cellars.

If you can make it past Ronnie’s Sex Shop on your way further east, you will arrive at Ladismith where you stock up on fruits and cheeses before heading off to Calitzdorp.

red 1
The famed Enon Conglomerate Red Mountains outside Calitzdorp.

The tarred R62 is a scenic drive, but if your vehicle is a little more rugged than a low-slung sedan, why not try one of the many side roads that takes you over the mountain passes of the Little Karoo?

By now you will have realised that this Route 62 jaunt is also a bit of a shopping trip. Calitzdorp is where you buy your port wines for those deep winter nights by the fire. It’s also a lovely little town, and your eyes never stray far from the majestic Swartberg Mountain range that has been your companion so far.

En route to Oudtshoorn, make a pit stop at the Bella de Karoo farm stall. The Karoo Space team favour their breakfasts, general welcoming smiles and friendly banter very highly.

And then you’re suddenly in Oudtshoorn, home of the meerkat experience, the ostrich farm, the Cango Caves, diving with crocodiles, feather palaces and an annual cultural carnival that just can’t be beat.

route 62
Bella de Karoo Padstal on Route 62.
feather 1
One of the old ostrich boom Feather Palaces of Oudtshoorn.

Oudtshoorn markets itself very well, and one of the best starting points for your stay in this area is a visit to the CP Nel Museum, where you will discover the town’s fascinating past – before experiencing its exceptionally enjoyable present…

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cape town to oudtshoorn
Cape Town to Oudtshoorn on Route 62. Hand-drawn map by Gil Vermaak.

For more information on the towns you go through on this route, click on the links in the story.

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  1. Rod Allen says:

    Lovely article and trip. Be aware or new roadworks from Ashton through Cogmans Kloof and all the way through Montagu. Two stop and go sections. Also the road is closed on Tuesdays and Thursday’s from 11 am to 1 pm for blasting.(except school holidays). Road works expected to be completed at the end of 2018

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