Noupoort, Northern Cape

The Noupoort station – once one of the busiest in the southern hemisphere.
Noupoort used to be a trainspotters’ haunt back in the days of steam and really-rolling stock, when the old black steel Goliaths used to chug across the Karoo like smoking dinosaurs.

Back in the 1920s, more than 85 trains came steaming through Noupoort daily.

In 1966, diesel locomotives were first introduced. They were called the Red Starvation. Because they did not need a driver and fireman each, as did the steam locos, they cut down dramatically on overtime, and many families were transferred to other towns like Rosmead.

Noupoort also has a very rich Anglo-Boer War history, and possibly the finest British blockhouse in the southern hemisphere.

Tourism expert Peter Myles says Noupoort has the potential to become another Alicedale – a railway-based village that has been returned to its former glory.

Like most self-respecting Karoo towns, the Noupoort area has its own ghost story.

On a nearby farm, a little woman dressed in Victorian clothes was once spotted walking around pointing at the ground. Later on, stacks of coins wrapped in cloth were found where she pointed, shiny on the inside, rusty on the outside.

Present-day Noupoort is perhaps most famous for being a centre for drug rehabilitation.

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3 thoughts on “Noupoort, Northern Cape

  1. Robert Dixon says:

    Visited Noupoort 16-19 June 2016.
    There is little to recommend the town – run-down, masses of litter in the open areas around the town.
    Most sad is that old buildings are in a terrible state of decay – the War Museum building has a National Monument plaque but no country would be proud of its miserable state.
    The Boer War blockhouse has graffiti on it.
    Should anyone visit the town the bright spot is the library – step inside and one cannot be utterly impressed. Organised, clean and friendly staff. Almost seems out of place!


    Ek is ‘n privaat speurder wat probeer vasstel wanneer Mnr Percy Herbert Oosthuizen oorlede is. Hy was Burgermeester van Noupoort tussen 1950 en 1960. Hy is in die ouderdom van 87 oorlede tussen 1966 en 1968. Hy was ‘n prokureur onder die naam PH Oostuizen en Seun. Sy seun se naam was Purcell Herbert Oosthuizen, ook bekend as Boetie. Purcell was getroud met Johanna Jacoba getruida Oosthuizen, Purcell en Johanna het gewoon op die plaas Morgenzon, Noupoort. Die datum van afsterwe word benodig om by die Meester vas te stel wat sy boedelnommer was. Dankie by voorbaat.

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