Vanwyksdorp, Western Cape

Hideaway village of Vanwyksdorp
The thing about Vanwyksdorp is you have to know about it to actually find it.

This tiny little settlement of fewer than 2 000 souls which lies in the Rooiberg Mountains outside Ladismith in the Little Karoo, has an old-time village vibe about it that many other South African places have lost.

This is the kind of spot where you could purchase a little weekend cottage, allowing you to escape with family and friends, well supplied with wine, cheese, firewood and a good book. And, of course, your walking gear. You’re in the rocky heights where the air is fresh and the village is fed by a mountain stream.

During the day you can go on mountain pass missions up and down the Little Karoo, criss-crossing Route 62 in your quest for out-of-the way dirt roads and glorious landscapes. Or you can visit the wine estates between Calitzdorp and Barrydale, with a possible lunchtime stop-over at the famous Ronnie’s Sex Shop en route.

You can stay over in self-catering accommodation in Vanwyksdorp itself and shop for home-grown preserves of all kinds. There’s a local restaurant and a couple of cafes that stock basic supplies.

Or you can opt for one of a number of farm stays in the area and experience utter isolation surrounded by Nature. Either way, if you’re looking to escape city lights for a while, Vanwyksdorp is probably going to be one of your favourite destinations in time to come.

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