Karoo Magic – Platteland Pub Crawling

By Chris Marais & Julienne du Toit

 From time to time on your Karoo travels, you may find yourself in a country bar, pub, licensed padstal or off-grid watering hole. You’ll need to know the 12 Golden Rules of Karoo Pub Crawling:

  • Don’t feed or annoy the locals unless they invite you to;
  • Don’t march up and switch off the TV in the middle of any game of rugby, tennis, golf, soccer or cricket;
  • Avoid religion and politics;
  • If you’re an English-speaker, now’s the time to try out your Afrikaans – even if your accent is lousy;
  • That farmer’s daughter in the corner giving you the glad-eye – just look away. She could be the wife of the big guy in the other corner;
  • If you’re a journo and you have to make notes, do it the Dana Snyman way and scribble them in the loo;
  • Avoid those big bottles on the bar counter – unless you like 12-volt rotgut mampoer.
  • Don’t try to drink a policeman, diesel mechanic or Karoo farmer under the table – you will fail miserably;
  • Burst into song only after 10pm – when no one is listening anyway;
  • Don’t get up and start dancing in a drinking man’s pub;
  • Don’t try to order food that’s not on the menu;
  • If you’re a male, do not drink from a straw.

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