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Some of the titles in our exciting new eBookstore.
The reviews and comments about the worldwide launch of the Karoo Space eBookstore have started streaming in, and so far it’s looking very good.

A test group of viewers living in South Africa and abroad were sent the Beta link to the eBookstore landing page so we could iron out any pre-launch wrinkles and get their general opinion.

The Karoo Space eBooks on PC and tablet – a whole new world unfolds.

They were invited to download the free eBook sampler, Karoo Collection, just so we could judge the brand-new delivery system.

And it works just great!

  • “The visual effect of your landing page is good, clear, strong and appealing.” – Bianca Jacobsohn, Paris, France.
  • “The purchase of the eBook was easy-peasy.” – Caroline Hurry, TravelWrite.
  • “Your landing page is well-designed, visually appealing, well-illustrated, extremely legible, uncluttered and easy to use. It looks like it was built in WordPress, which is good because it’s the current standard for web authoring.” – Christopher Backeberg, Web Weavers.
  • “Your landing page: Love it! Strong and clean and allows the images to speak. Love the colour tones and the fonts.” – Dominique le Roux, Moonshine Media, Laos.
  • “The purchase of your free eBook was an absolute doddle.” – Llewellyn Kriel, TopEditor International.
  • “Navigating around your eBookstore: it was the first time I’ve done anything like it and it was SO easy!” – Melina Smit, Vlieg Produksies.
  • “This is what Chris and Julie do best.  They are the perfect hosts introducing you to meet the Karoo and its people. They will make you fall in love with this beautiful region.” – Ryno Ferreira, Karoo photographer.

Initially, there were some glitches, so we listened to what people said and fixed them. But if, for any reason, there is still a problem with the delivery of your Karoo eBook, please drop us a line at:

Address your note to Julie or Chris and we will respond quickly. Even if we are on a road trip in the Karoo, we are normally not more than an Internet connection away from you.

Regards and respect,

Chris Marais & Julienne du Toit

One thought on “Response to the Karoo Space eBookstore

  1. Patrick Cox says:

    I bought Karoo Collection, 101 Karoo Towns and Karoo Keepsakes, and had a couple of hours of browsing them with some fun memories. I was astonished, for instance, to see the Steytlerville Hotel is now an ‘upmarket attraction’. I stayed there for one night in 1972 … I shall say only that it was an ‘interesting’ experience.

    As a small boy of 8 or 9, I travelled many of these towns with my grandfather – a Manufacturers Representative who had the agencies for a wide range of mens and ladies shoes, and mens shirts among other things – in a 1949 Buick. We travelled between towns at about 40 mph, and a lot of it was on dirt roads. The smell of those hotels lives on, a sort of mix of burning coal in the huge AGA kitchen ranges, boiling vegetables and roasting meat, mingling with the smell of ‘miellie pap’.

    As a commercial traveller myself – briefly – I travelled much of this area again in my 20s and remember some of these towns with fond memories. Some of the hotels were nice, but hardly modern. One, in Cradock, actually had Carbon Tetrachloride ‘grenades’ suspended from the ceilings in case of fire. I think the coldest night I have ever spent was in Barkly East. De Aar and the Railway Hotel has to rate as one of the most disturbed nights I’ve had, and I had a bad car crash between Oudtshoorn and Willowmore on the road beside the Oliphants River. Prieska, Philippolis, Beaufort West, and of course all those Eastern Cape towns …

    Graaff-Reinet was always a nice stop, Richmond, Victoria West, Middelburg, Hopetown, Britstown, Jansenville, Queenstown, Cradock, Somerset East – not to mention Patensie and a few more of the smaller dorpies … It is good to see so many of them still surviving and well maintained.

    Growing up in East London (I’m an Old Selbornian) and then in Port Elizabeth, I worked in Port Elizabeth, King Williams Town and Molteno before joining the PE Fire and Emergency Service Department. I now live in Germany, about as far as one can get from the Karoo in a straight line I suppose.

    Thanks for the memories.

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